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Barbara Stratton 
Chiropractic Assistant

Barbara_Pic.jpgI guess being a little accident prone has lead me to seek Chiropractic care.  As a teenager, I experienced my first broken tailbone.  Anyone who has had this experience knows the pain involved and how long it takes to recover.  Of course, back in those days, you didn't go see a doctor unless it was absolutely necessary, so my body was allowed to "heal" on its own.  A few years later I was in a serious bicycle accident.  Being in the military at the time, they treated my broken elbow, damaged hand, and scraped face, but no attention was paid to a possible back injury.

Many years passed and I broke my tailbone again.  Since Chiropractors did not serve in the military in the 1990's, again my body was not checked for any possible spinal damage.  It wasn't until I retired from the military that my body started to feel like it had been beat up.  My new job required me to travel by plane about every other week.  Sitting in coach is not good for the back; especially for long periods of time.  I started to experience severe sciatica and was absolutely miserable.  Since I worked in Hampton, I was able to find a Chiropractor close to work.  After several adjustments, I started down my road to recovery.  Unfortunately, I lost my contracting job and my Chiropractor moved up north.

About a year later, I suffered a nasty blow to my head.  I was so concerned about the huge lump on the side of my head that I didn't even notice the pain in my neck.  Three weeks later the lump was gone but I was unable to move my neck without experiencing severe pain.  My boss at the time referred me to Dr. Walsh.  Dr. Walsh has made a world of difference in my recovery.  I'm very "picky" about my health care.  I refuse to take medication of any kind (including over-the-counter) because I believe that the body is designed to heal itself.  Chiropractic care helps my body through the healing process.

I was fortunate in October 2008 to join the Walsh Family Chiropractic team.  I will never again go more than a couple of weeks without an adjustment.  I've also learned a few other things over the past several years.  I try to eat healthy, get enough exercise, keep a positive attitude, stay away from bicycles, and, if I fall, try not to land on my tailbone.  But if I do, I know a great Chiropractor!

Sandy Cooprider
Front Desk

In one of my past careers, I worked in a small television studio where we created our own sets, directed and produced our own shows and, carried our own equipment.  Carrying our own equipment meant heavy cameras, recording, lighting and sound systems etc.   On a live shoot, the crew and I often shouldered the very heavy cameras for the length of the shoot (usually hours) rather than using tripods – oh, my goodness, what a mistake – pain in shoulders, neck, back and then, the migraines began!   I was young, eager and ignorant of the damage I was doing to my spine nor did I realize what the repercussions might be – much like kids who are carrying these heavy backpacks. 

Over the next few years, migraines increased in intensity to the point, at times, of incapacitation for days.  I tried everything I knew to try including, of course, lots of medication. Then, I met Dr. Kevin Walsh, a divine meeting for sure.  He began treating me in 2001 and, over time, the headaches decreased in intensity as well as frequency.  Now, much of my family including my grandchildren from the time they were babies, come to Dr. Walsh for wellness checkups. 

I am beyond the moon excited now about being a member of the Walsh Family Chiropractic team.  Dr. Walsh’s first concern is for the wellness of his patients and I am proud to be here to do the best that I can to assist him in bringing the message of importance of this very important aspect of health care to all who come through our door. 

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Chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy was the best choice I ever made! I had a quick and easy delivery and feel so much better this time than with my first child.My one-week old was adjusted by Dr. Walsh and I noticed a difference in nursing him and his overall state of being that very afternoon.I recommend Dr. Walsh to every pregnant person I know! It's really does make a difference.

Melanie C.
Williamsburg, VA

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