I brought my 8 year old daughter in the summer of 2007. She had been suffering with severe posture issues, leg pain and ankle pain, and severe constipation, which were diagnosed as growing pains. Rylee’s tonsils were so enlarged they touched one another causing chronic cough and continual throat issues. These symptoms have been present since birth. I have been a mother on a search for answers, and after 8 years I had none. My child was always on medications for asthma and fiber pills for constipation which only provided temporary relief. She endured so much testing, suffered with strep multiple times through out the year and constant ear infections. Rylee’s continual health issues affected every aspect of her life. Since the summer of 2007, I have had a much happier child who was able to experience so much more in life, without so much pain and discomfort. If there is any advice I could give future patient of Dr. Walsh’s, it would be to get an evaluation if you have any question, to be your own health advocate, and to follow through treatment.

~ Zee W.

I was treated by Dr. Walsh for sore neck, weak arms, and pain in my hips and back. I had been suffering with these problems for four years. I have tried using traction devices and wrist bands for relief and found them to be nothing but annoying and discomforting. In January of 2004 Dr.Walsh began treating me. Ever since, I have had much stronger arms and hands and less pain overall. If I could give any advice it would be come faithfully and follow Dr.Walsh’s recommendations.

~ Jennie M.

I had been suffering from sever sinus issues and continuous neck and shoulder pain for over 30 years. In an attempt to find relief, I tried numerous drugs for my sinus issues and found no relief. After two months of Chiropractic care, I felt a dramatic improvement in my sinuses. I still had headaches once in a while, but I was optimistic. Now after 30 years all symptoms are completely free of my system. I thank that it is very important to follow all recommendation Dr. Walsh gives especially the home stretch’s Chiropractic works you just have to be patient and stick it out.

~ W.B.

I came to Walsh Family Chiropractic after yard work seized my back leaving me in extreme pain, unable to sit or stand. I had also been suffering with muscle spasms and knee issues and digestion and menstruation malfunctions. My overall health was poor, leaving me weak, insecure and feeling very out of touch with my body. I have been suffering with most of these symptoms for 20 years though I had found relief when I was previously receiving Chiropractic care. After moving, I seem to forget what my body needed to function at its best. I have been through five knee surgeries, after an evaluation with Dr.Walsh, I found that my hips were causing my knees to suffer. Within a week of Dr.Walsh’s care, my overall health improved drastically and my organs began to function 100% better. I also learned a lot of home care tips and stretches to build my overall strength, I am now confident in my body’s ability to maintain. Chiropractic Care is my health care. If I could make any recommendations, it would be to have care for life for everyone in your family from birth and to do it consistently.

~ Tisha F.

Chiropractic care was recommended to me by a friend who was a patient of Dr.Walsh. I gave it some thought and decided that if there was a chance that it could help me I am willing to try. I have been suffering from sever burning headaches since August of 2004. I have been seen by 5 different neurologist who all diagnosed me with sever migraines, each prescribed me their own array of medications. I found no relief and began to notice that the medications were affecting me personally; I became very depressed and burnt out. Dr.Walsh has been my Chiropractor since June of 2007. Since then, I have been able to completely stop taking the medications that were prescribed to me for the migraines. Their were tough times; my body went through the withdraw from the medications and I had to allow the time to heal. I am now free of the medication and feeling better than ever. My overall health, mental outlook and energy are improving everyday. If I can recommend anything to new patients it would definitely be to get off the medications. They do not cure people!! and to follow the treatment recommendations.

~ Delsa G.

Chiropractic was introduced to me by Dr.Walsh after becoming an employee. I was very excited to begin receiving care and knew that my body needed it after all it had been through. I was suffering with constant severe back pain through my neck, mid back and low back. I was in a severe horse accident almost eight months prior to me joining the team at Walsh Family Chiropractic. Chiropractic was completely new to me and as I began receiving care and learning about the body and the nervous system I learned that it is not just your back that hurts when your nervous system is experiencing interference. That allowed me to reflect on another incident that pledged my health two months after the horse accident. I had became very ill and found that eating almost always made me very sick. In the beginning I was sick with what I thought was just a virus. After about four weeks, I decided that I need to see a professional my weight was dropping very fast and if it were a virus it should have cleared my system by now. After meeting with with Primary Care physician, I was terrified. He said that he thinks I could have crohnes disease, and I needed to meet with a specialist. I delayed making the appointment finding excuse after excuse. Eventually my body found away to function, though I still carried the sever back pain. I eventually became use to it. I began receiving treatment from Dr.Walsh in April of 2007. Within two months most of all of my pain was gone. I felt healthier and had so much more energy. Chiropractic has allowed me to understand my body and its needs and gave me away to stay healthy, without the intervention of medication and Medical Doctors random diagnosis. I would like to say to those who are considering receiving Chiropractic care, go for it, if you are someone who prefers to stay off medications and allow your body to function naturally at its best, than make a appointment and educate yourself Chiropractic is not a quick fix it takes a little time and commitment. In the long run, you will find it is what is naturally best for the body.

~ Samantha K.

I came to Walsh Family Chiropractic with pain through the right side of my leg, predominately in my knee. I had suffered with the pain for over three months. After a partial knee replacement surgery and continued need for pain killers, my symptoms were still very uncomfterable. The staff at Dr.Walsh’s office has always treated me wonderful and Dr.Walsh always made sure that I understood every aspect of my care. The pain in my knees has decreased tremendously I am walking with much more ease and overall I am feeling much happier. Receiving care from Dr. Walsh has made a huge impact on my life. I have a much better understanding of what my body needs to maintain healthy Chiropractic care is highly recommended.

~ Kathy R.

I began coming to Walsh Family Chiropractic after I began to experience numbness through my left leg and arm and a tingling almost numbing sensation through my tongue. These symptoms continued for over a week. My Family Doctor prescribed me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drug, which gave me minimal relief. I found that Dr.Walsh is always very quick to locate the problem and begin solving it. The staff at his office made me feels very welcomed. The thing I liked most about Chiropractic care is that it is natural. I didn’t have to be drugged up to feel less discomfort. Since receiving care, I have had no pain or numbness through my body. I truly believe that you can’t go wrong seeing Dr.Walsh.

~ Diane A.

Constant back pain for four months – 24/7. The first visit I was pain free. Realignment and deep tissue massage has worked great. I would recommend Dr. Walsh very highly.

~ Mary L.

Experienced a lot of pain. Had problems with back, neck, and shoulders. Wasn’t able to stand up straight. Now, with being treated by Dr. Walsh, there has been a huge improvement with my pain. I can stand up straight. I feel so much better. Barbara is such a blessing also. Thank you guys for your help in my improved health. Love ya!!

~ Desiree B.

My level of activity has caused me muscle and joint pain and treatment by massage therapy was not giving me total relief. I had stopped seeing a chiropractor due to over kill with my joints. Dr. Walsh has given me new faith in chiropractic treatment. I keep over doing but his care brings me back to a level of well being. Just need to have more treatments for continued comfort. Will plan for that in the future.

~ Lousan W.

I have scoliosis and was in great pain. Since seeing Dr. Walsh, I have had significant relief from the pain and I have gained back two inches in height. I trust him. I have given recommendations to others and two are going to be his patients.

~ Pam L.

In 2010, bone scan showed osteopenia in the right hip. Began to take Calcium Citrate. In 2014, bone scan showed that had deteriorated to osteoporosis with outlook to probable hip fracture within 10 years. Began taking Calcium Lactate when I began treatment with Dr. Walsh. 2016 bone scan showed normal bone density.

~ Mary L.